Welcome to my blog.

First off, I’m an artist, although that word can pertain to a whole lot of different creative professions, I am an artist that creates art with paint, canvases, brushes and anything else that I can work with. I am best known for my 10 minute paintings and palette knife paintings, which are indeed by far, my favorite paintings to create. You can view my artwork on my website ARTstraussa, my Daily Paintworks site, or Facebook Page.

I like photography too, although my photos probably look like yesterday’s trash compared to professional photographers but I really enjoy clicking away at that silver button on top of the camera. I have a huge love of nature and to be able to capture it in that way is such a blessing.

Cooking and baking, okay first off, I love to eat more than doing either of those two, but I still love to try new recipes and really enjoy eating them, especially if they turn out to be delicious. I have a huge love of cookbooks and although I don’t cook and bake nearly enough, I love to collect as many cook books as I can. I’m not sure exactly how many I have, but I’m sure they range somewhere over the 200 mark. I plan on getting a few more when the money permits. I could never have enough cookbooks.

Although I don’t sew as often as I could, I do enjoy creating things using a sewing machine. I can’t say the same thing about cutting a pattern, I really hate that, if it wasn’t for that, I may sew more often.

I crochet every so often, I haven’t done much crocheting these past few years, but recently have been crocheting nearly every Sunday. It’s just so relaxing and I really enjoy it.

I love hats… ladies hats, there is something about hats that really attracts me to them. I have many already and if they didn’t cost so much I’d probably have many more, even though I only wear a couple of them.

I hope you enjoy reading along on my daily adventures through a world of art, photography, homemaking and crafts.

Keep in mind that I’m an artist not a writer, so if my writing isn’t up to proper standards, or sounds like mumbo jumbo, blame the artist mind in me. Just think of my mind as a Pablo Picasso abstract and you may get a better idea of how my mind works……or maybe not.

Either way, I hope you enjoy traveling along though the adventures, and mind, of Gloria Ester.



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