Banana Trees Plein Air Painting

Hello, everyone,

Earlier this year while it was still cool, I got the plein air bug and felt the need to paint a few scenes from the yard that I quite liked the look of. It had been raining so everything was lush and green and I loved the way the sun looked through the bright new green foliage everywhere. One certain spot was this little area right outside my back porch that is surrounded with a group of trees and plants and in the center are a couple of banana trees, the sun shining through there in the mornings was stunning. I really tried to capture that look in this painting, but feel I failed miserably to what I had in mind, I still like the painting, but next time I might work on a larger canvas as I find them so much easier to do plein air painting scenes on, and I have more freedom of brushstrokes on them, even if they do take an hour  or so more. Anyway, here is the finished painting along with the painting and scene behind it. Painted with acrylic on 8 x 10 canvas board.
Wishing you all a lovely day.

Till next time…

Banana Trees

Banana Trees Plein Air Painting. Acrylic on 8 x 10 canvas.

Banana Tree Painting

Banana Tree Plein Air Painting with scene in the background.


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