My Bird House Fun

Hello everyone. I’ve been doing alright. Keeping myself busy doing this and that, plus enjoying this nice rainy weather and happy birds.

As some of you may remember, last year I announced how I wanted to get some birdhouses built for the birdies to nest in, which would also then give me photography opportunities. After doing an online search to get ideas or maybe even some measurements, I found that none of them where what I was looking for, so I decided to create my own. In December I started my first ones, and I must say, while it was a challenge to come up with the designs and plans, I really enjoyed the whole process.

I built several different designs, 11 in all, most of them for smaller birds, but I did build  a woodpecker one, and a couple for a resident Screech Owl. I read that it’s best to have them hung at least a month before nesting season so I didn’t get a chance to decorate them all the way I’d liked. I only got to decorate a couple of the smaller boxes, the woodpecker, and the two owl ones, I varnished the others.

First Bird houses.

These two are my very first bird houses before I painted and decorated them.

Next batch of bird houses

These were my next batch of bird houses. 3 regular ones, one diamond shaped and a woodpecker one.

Small Owl house

Smaller Owl House.

Large Owl House

This is the larger owl house I built.

I went with a natural look to this one and really enjoyed collecting and gluing all the pieces of bark, twigs, leaves and acorns. A totally fun bird house to decorate that’s for sure. Sadly it doesn’t look like this anymore, the leaves have all dried out and the acorns were stolen by a woodpecker, but it’s still my favorite.

Fairy Birdhouse

My favorite bird house decorated with bark and leaves.

Wren on bird house

A wren checking out my favorite bird house. Still no nest though.

I painted a nice cozy home scene on this one. This is the front of the house. It has a doorway, some flowers, a climbing vine, and a cat patiently waiting outside. Side of house has a window with a flower basket and flowers all around.This is the back view of my second bird house. It has a door, window, flowers, bench, garden arch and vine.

Cozy Bird House

This is my cottage scene bird house with a nice little, garden scene and a cat at the front door. (Front View)

Back of the Cottage Bird house

Back View of the Cottage scene bird house.

These are the others varnished and ready to go.

Set of 5.

Group of 5 all varnished.

This is the woodpecker one all decorated.

Woodpecker house

Decorated birdhouse for a woodpecker.

These next two were built for the owl living in the yard. I’ve seen it around since February, and so far it’s still here, which I’m really glad about. I love looking for when I’m walking around the yard, sometimes I find it, other times I don’t see if for several days to weeks, but so far it’s stayed, I just saw it this morning on one of it’s favorite trees. I built a small one and a larger one to give it more space or if it ever decides to nest here.


Large decorated owl house.

This is the large owl house all decorated with bark and leaves.

Small Owl House

The smaller owl house decorated and hung.

While these are not birdhouses,  I hung them around the yard for doves to nest in. I got the idea when a friend posted on her facebook that a dove had nested in her hanging basket so I figured they’d be a great and easy thing to hang around the yard for the doves.

Hanging basket nest

Hanging baskets with hay for the nesting doves.

I’m happy to say that so far one of the birdhouses is being used. It’s occupied by a large family of wrens, both parents, and 6 babies. I’m a bit excited about that. They given me lots of photographic opportunities, and it’s been such a pleasure to watch the little ones grow.

Baby Wrens

Baby wrens in my birdhouse.

Father Wren

Father wren with a caterpillar.

Mother Wren

Mother wren with caterpillar.






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