Pink In Montana

I decided to start working on a few more charity paintings. This is my 15th charity painting of a lovely, mountain scene.

I used a reference photo by Photographer Tam-Tam, changing it up a bit, adding flowers and such. I spent 2 hours on this, and really enjoyed it.

Painted with a palette knife using acrylic on 8 x 10 canvas.

100% of the proceeds to this painting will be donated to help my sponsor child Daphne, a young, sweet, Haitian, girl. For those who missed my earlier post about her, you can catch up with the news here.

I’m happy to say this one sold rather quickly, only a few minutes after I posted it on facebook. It was sold to a lovely lady, mother of one of my art buyers. She had heard about Daphne and wanted to help out. So grateful for such loving and kind people in this world. She also works as an advocate for foster children with the Voices for Children charity in San Diego. I painted a couple of paintings for that charity as well, which I shall post soon.

Life is good.

Pink In Montana

“Pink In Montana” charity painting. Acrylic using a palette knife on 8 x 10 canvas.




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