Newest Studio And Hangout

Before I go on to posting paintings, photography and birdhouses, I’d like to introduce my latest studio and “hang-out” place.

I bought this tent last year as a place to paint, and spend some time alone outside. I set it up, but it turned out I wasn’t able to use it until recently due to care-taking, then winter showed up.

Anyway, this is where I’ve been hanging out the past couple of months painting, napping, and I have my woodwork table just outside, so I can work on my birdhouses in the evening after I paint.

Being that it’s getting hot, I now have a fan, which helps quite a bit. The view is awesome too, so much goes on around it, birds eating and singing, bees buzzing, and butterflies fluttering about, it’s just so pleasant. Napping is great too, if you ever have problems sleeping, go sleep outside, the atmosphere is so peaceful, no comparison.

And the best part about it is that I can be outside and no mosquitoes will be bothering me while I paint anymore cause the windows have netting.

This is the front view, excuse the generators. They were put there a few months ago, when the lights went off during a thunder storm, and were never removed.

Tent Front

Front view of the tent.

This is an inside view from the back to the front, I have an old mattress with pillow, and a sofa seat that wasn’t being used inside anymore. Gun is not mine, but thought it looked cool. lol I even have carpet on the floor, also an old piece not being used anymore.

Front inside view

Front inside view, with bed and sofa seat.

This is a view of the back of the tent, it has a back door even. I moved the table next to the sofa, and setup my easel in the right corner and placed a rocking chair in the other, by the door.

Back Inside View

The back inside view of the tent.

Here is my easel all set up in the corner with my paints and supplies on the table. When I get tired, I go take a nap. haha…….. Just kidding.

Painting Corner

My painting corner….

My rocker in the other corner. My grandma gave us this rocker that she’s had for years, but no longer had a use for it, so now it’s mine. I’ve always wanted a rocker for the longest time, now I finally have one.


My rocking chair in the corner, by the back door.

This is my view while lying in bed, there are a whole lot more leaves on those tree shadows now though.

Roof view.

My view laying on the bed.

I gotta say, this has turned out to be one of my best investments, and it’s pretty hardy too. I bought it on sale last May, for around $180, about half of the original price. It has survived the summer, strong winds, and rain. The only damage it has is a few tiny holes on the roof due to cat claws, apart from that, it’s in fairly good condition. I just love it.

That is all…..



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