April Greetings

Hello everyone. I hope everyone is doing great and enjoying life. Things have been going well for me, I’ve sold more paintings, and have been keeping myself busy with chores, art, photography, and making birdhouses.

It’s been a great year so far. I haven’t done as much baking as I wanted to, but I do plan on making banana bread, or some kind of banana dessert soon. There are many bananas in the refrigerator that need using.

I’ve painted a few more paintings… that I still need to post. I haven’t really been feeling brushes lately so have been using a palette knife mostly. I checked my canvas inventory recently and noticed I had a lot more 5 x 7 and 8 x 10 canvases than I thought I had, so I’ve been using those.

I’ve gotten several birdhouses done for this spring too, and I’m still working on new ones and designs.

As for photography, where do I start, so much wildlife around this year, and new birds I’ve gotten the chance of photographing. Fun stuff.

The weather has been nice, with a few really hot days here and there, but the summer heat hasn’t really hit yet. Lots of mosquitoes though, I’m not a fan. But over all it has been a really beautiful spring.

Spring Roses

Spring is here.

That is all for now.

Catch ya’ll later……



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