Sunday February 7, 2016 Photography


It was such a beautiful day yesterday I decided to go outside with my camera and see what I could find, and to my surprise I spotted this cute, little owl as it flew to a nearby branch. I was so so excited that I was able to get a clear shot of it. I was practically begging it to stay there enough time for me to get a shot of it, and it did, it stayed for about 20 seconds before flying off. I just couldn’t believe I actually finally got a photo of one, I’ve wanted a photo of an owl for the longest time. The only other times I’ve seen an owl they were always at a distance flying away cause they saw me before I saw them. It was such a treat to see this one and so close, it was only about 10 feet away. I was thrilled, it made day.

Eastern Screech Owl

Eastern Screech Owl

Here are a few other photos I took.

A beautiful sunflower with a honey bee collecting pollen.

Sunflower with honey bee

Sunflower with a honey bee.

Some kind of sparrow. There were several around, but they never stopped hopping between branches which made it difficult to get a clear shot.



A couple photos of a honeybee collecting pollen from some small wild flowers.

Honey bee on flower

Honey Bee and flower.

Honey Bee

Honey Bee on flower.

I believe it’s a kind of warbler, correct me if I’m wrong. Regardless, these birds are super cute.

Small Warbler

Small Warbler

These flower puffs looks so soft, and look at all those small seeds under the fluff.

Flower seed puff

Flower seed puff

Sharing is caring. A small bee and butterfly share this small yellow flower.

Bee and butterfly on flower

Bee and butterfly sharing a flower.

A small, brown butterfly enjoying a yellow flower.

Brown butterfly on flower

Brown butterfly on flower.

A cardinal hiding in the branches.

Male Cardinal

Male Cardinal.

Ants hard at work devouring a grapefruit skin. These ants probably have like all the grapefruit hidden away in their home. They’ve been gather grapefruit skins for weeks now.

Ants and Grapefruit

Well that is all for now. I really love photography and hope you enjoy viewing some of the things I’m blessed with seeing in my yard when I go outside.

Till next time….





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