Plans For February

First off, I need to finish a commission piece I’m working on for a client. It’s the largest painting I’ve ever worked on……a 30″ x 48″ canvas. It’s a challenge, especially since they wanted it done with a palette knife, but things are going okay for now, but then again, I’ve only done most of the sky so far. Hoping to finish it later today or maybe by tomorrow. A bit nervous, but hope everything turns out alright and they like it, it will be a huge relief if they do.

I really don’t have much plans after that for this month. I want to work on some more birdhouses and get them hanging before nesting season. I also want to work on some more charity paintings and palette knife paintings.

For now I’m just looking forward to finishing the large painting and taking a small break from painting, and hopefully get some photography done. After my 30 painting in 30 days challenge in January, I just want to relax a bit.

Maybe do some baking too, I feel like trying out a new recipe or something.

I also need to update my websites and things like that.

I’m sure I can manage getting all this done before the month is out. ha

That is all.




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