Yard Photography (Sunday, Dec.27,2015)

Hello everyone, long time no post. This Sunday, I spent about 30 minutes taking photos of all the birds that came to visit the feeder outside the living room window. Had to wait about 20 minutes for them to arrive first though. Got most of them. Enjoy.

A male cardinal. Who doesn’t love cardinals? I haven’t taken a photo of one in I don’t know how long.


Male Cardinal.

A female cardinal, took a lot of photos of her, she was very photogenic.


Female cardinal on a branch.

Green Jays, mean birds, but the colors oh, so nice. There are 4 of them, parents and this years hatchlings, hopefully there will be more next year.


Green Jay.

A Thrasher, there is a pair of these around.


A Thrasher.

Another of the female cardinal.


Female cardinal looking in the window while a family of Inca doves eats away.


Inca dove family and female cardinal.

Male cardinal eating.


Male cardinal eating.

Female Cardinal, White-tipped dove and an Inca dove.

Female cardinal, white-tipped dove and Inca dove.

Female cardinal, white-tipped dove and Inca dove.

Female cardinal eating, couldn’t get enough of her.


Female cardinal eating.

Female cardinal eating bird seed.

Female Cardinal close-up.


Female Cardinal close-up.


A distant look out the window. 3 green jays and a dove.

Bird Feeder

A distant view of the bird feeder.

That is all for now, can’t believe the year is already coming to an end. I got near to nothing done that I wanted to. Will have to try again next year.

Till next time…



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