Bouquet De Blanche

I just noticed that I haven’t posted any of my paintings since February, like what? I thought it was later than that. Oh well, I’m finally getting to posting them, they aren’t much though.

I wrote this post back in February, but for some odd reason, I never got around to posting it.

This was painted using my own still-life set-up, my first for this year. There will definitely be more, because I really enjoy coming up with my own set-ups. (Yeah, like that happened) lol. Life took another turn than what I was expecting.

It was a quick painting being that I wanted to keep it as impressionistic as I could, but was quite the challenge working with all that white, which I HATE working with white by the way, but I like the way it turned out though. Painted using acrylic on 5 x 7 canvas.

This is my 12th charity painting and I shall continue slowly working on charity paintings till I reach 30 total.

It’s available here. 100% of the purchase price for this painting will be going to the Haiti Foundation Against Poverty Charity.


Bouquet De Blanche painting. Proceeds go to the Haiti Foundation Against Poverty Charity.

I’ll be posting more of my paintings in the coming days when I get the chance, till I’m up to date.

Till next time….


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