Birthday & Gifts

I gotta admit, one of best things about birthdays are the gifts. And I got a whole lot of fabulous ones from my family yesterday.

My mom got me a camera bag. Perfect cause the zipper to my old one had broken. It even has a pouch for a laptop in case I want to take it outside with me or something. So cool, can’t wait to use it. She also got me 5 small pouches for all the SD cards I use for my camera. I have lots full of photos. Lastly, she got me 4 cute, little dolls, they are even wind-up with nice music for each….just what I’ve always wanted. lol Mind you, I’ve been wanting some to paint so she got them for me, not that I still play with dolls or anything…I’m not that childish…….now please excuse me while we go have a tea party…..


Gifts from my Mom. Camera backpack. SD cases, and dolls.

Thanks Mom!!! I loved everything.

All these gifts are from my sister. She got me 3 pairs of shoes cause I seriously needed some already.The ones I had been wearing would just was talk and sometimes even laughed the whole time I wore them, making me almost trip all the time. So grateful that now I have several shoes to wear. I especially love those black and pink ones, how cool they are. And lets not forget those crazy minions in the back, I love them. Can’t wait to watch the dvds. Thanks for the great gifts Sis. I loved them.


Gifts from my Sister. 3 pairs of shoes and Minion dvds.

These gifts were all from my brother. Just wow. I don’t even know where to start, tons and tons of cool tools for me to use to make my birdhouses and other projects I get the idea to make. Now I don’t have to “steal” tools from everyone else. lol He got me a handsaw, hammer, screw driver, tape measure, rafter square, staple gun & staples, knife, wrench set, plier set, box cutter & blades, hand drill and drill bits, small level, stud finder, and a HUGE tool box to hold them in. And last but not least, lets not forget the cool, winter sock/slippers on top. Thanks so much for all the fabulous gifts Bro, they were everything I wanted and then some!!

Hoping this week I can actually try making a bird house. I have lots of tools now.


Gifts from my brother. Tools, tools and more tools….and the winter slipper/socks.

Apart from the gifts I had a great day with chocolate cake to end it. The weather was beautiful also. Perfection.

Thanks for looking. I hope everyone has a lovely week.

Take care…



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