Yard Photography Finds Oct 16 – Nov 16

I don’t go outside as often as I’d like, but I have gone outside several times the past few weeks and have taken a nice array of photos.

I’ve said this before, but there are lots of different kinds of lizards that live here, this is one of the less common. I’ve only seen these green ones a few times, they are quite shy, always a treat to see them though.


Green Lizard.

The color of these bugs are just way cool.


Cool looking bugs.

This is just one of those insects I’ve always wanted to get a photo of but they are mostly elusive and I rarely ever see them. I was lucky this time when I spotted it outside it’s home trying to get to an insect that was on it’s web. I took several photos before it headed back into the pipe where it made it’s home, I haven’t seen it sine, but I’m sure it’s in there somewhere.


Black Widow.

Fruit flies all over a cactus fruit. I knew there were several fruit flies on it, but had no idea there where this many.


Fruit Flies on a Cactus Fruit.

There was obviously something with smelling roses this day.

A fly smelling a yellow rose.


Fly on a rose.

A honey bee enjoying a pink rose.


Honey Bee on a pink rose.

A butterfly hiding in the leaves, didn’t do a very good job though.


Butterfly in the sunlight.

I love, love, love ants, I always have a hard time getting photos of them when they are on the ground though, this one happened to be on a grass blade so it was much easier to get a photo of.


Ant on a blade of grass.

This spider has some really cool colors to show off. I’ve been seeing a lot of these lately.


Colorful spider.

A brown lizard on a peach tree branch basking in the sun.



I spent about 25 minutes that other day trying to get a good shot of this spider and lace-wing. I ended up with only a few. The wing made it even more difficult to get a clear shot of these especially since they were really small, but I’m satisfied with the few I got. Here are a couple.


Spider and lacewing.


Sad lacewing.

It’s butterfly season around here again. Sadly for some reason there isn’t as many wildflowers around for them this year, which means I don’t see them as often, but there still are a few.


Queens Butterfly

A couple of tiny green bees enjoying some small flowers.


Tiny, green bee.


Bee on a white wildflower.

A large, ugly and hairy fly on the ground doing pretty much nothing as far as I could tell.


Hairy fly.

I’m seriously in love with this honeybee photo. I love when the sun backdrops to create this cool effect.


Honey bee on a cape honeysuckle.

Well that is all for now. Hopefully I can actually get to cleaning up my painting palette and fill it up with new paint so I can finally get back to painting. I seriously need to painting something already. My fingers are itching for a paint brush right now, or maybe even a palette knife. We shall see, I most defintely will have a painting done by the end of the week that’s for sure.

Will post when I get one done.

Till next time….


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