April Review

Hello everyone. April has come and gone and now as we head into May I hope I get to working on other projects. Good news is that I finally finished updating all my art sites, so life is a lot less stressful now. If anyone is interested in taking a look, here are all my art sites. My website, Daily Paintworks site, and my Facebook page. Let me know what you think.

Oh, and the biggest excitement for April was that I sold my first online painting “Bucket Blooms”!!!! YAY!!!! So grateful to my friend Sharon for thinking my work was good enough to purchase.

"Bucket Blooms" painting.

“Bucket Blooms” painting.

I started painting a bit again this past week. I’m really trying to keep this painting as impressionistic as I can, it’s really hard for me, but it’s coming along.

I took a break from reading during April, and decided to try cross stiching. It’s okay, but so time consuming and I stopped after a week of working on a tiny square and not getting much done on it. I decided to go back to crocheting during that time instead, I get much more crocheting done than cross-stiching. I may try it again another time, but not now. Speaking of crocheting, I really need to get a photo of some of my hats and scarfs so I can post it.

These are a few items I won from the Grumbacher Facebook Page giveaway. I’ve been entering for several months now and I finally won. It’s a mystery box giveaway that includes a variety of their products, and is held every Monday on their page. I’ve never won anything in a giveaway so I was really excited when I recieved my package. I’ve never used any of these things, but it will be fun to try them out.

Art items I won from the Grumbacher Giveaway.

Art items I won from the Grumbacher Giveaway.

I haven’t gotten around to working on any bird houses yet, there are so many mosquitoes out there, and they are as big as dinosaurs it seems. They will suck out all your blood in one slurp, it sure feels that way anyway. The weather has been nice though, lots of rain the past weeks and now it’s nice and sunny. The birds sure are happy with this weather too, I can just hear them singing and singing out there. I saw a indigo bunting on Saturday, that was cool, didn’t get a photo though, and Friday I found a nest of with baby mockingbirds. I just love Spring.

Mosquitoes as big as dinosaurs.

Mosquitoes as big as dinosaurs.

Baby Mockingbirds happily asleep.

Baby Mockingbirds happily asleep.

I don’t have much plans this month as to what I wish to work on, I shall just go along as I feel, things are much more fun that way, and nothing seems to be going as planned this year. For sure I’ll be doing photography, that I know. Might even pull out my drawing book again and work on learning that, we shall see.

I hope everyone has been well and are enjoying life.

Take care.

Till next time……


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