March Review

I cannot believe it’s already April, I’m pretty sure there is something out there playing a joke on us, and is speeding time when we are not looking.

I haven’t gotten much of anything done so far this year. I took a break from online social sites for most of the March month, it was taking up to much time and I wanted to get some much-needed work done, which is one reason you all haven’t seen me much. I still have so much more work to get done with my art that I will still be around off and on till I get it done. I’m hoping to completely get my sites all up to date this week, almost done, then that leaves photographing and varnishing all the paintings that still need getting done. Can’t wait for it all to be completed so I can focus on other things.

I did get 6 paintings done at the end of this past month, which I shall try posting in the next few days.

I also did some crocheting each day and completed a few scarves and hats.

Still reading, I’ve gotten 11 books completed now. I think this is a record for me, I like to read, but have never been a huge reader in the past.

One thing I would have wanted to get done early this year was building a few bird houses. Alas, lack of money and time didn’t let me get any of that done. It’s a little late in the year to do it for this years nestlings, but I think I’ll still go ahead and make some throughout this year to be ready for next year. Once I can afford it and time permits, I’ll buy some wood and try getting a few built. I’ve never built something like that before, I’ve never built much of anything actually, but how hard could it possibly be?

On a side note, I took in a couple of stray dogs this past month, found a rescue to come for them, one was transported to Denver where she was adopted on Friday by a young lady and her little girl, so I’m really happy for that. The other one still needs vet care for a wounded leg, but she’s doing fine and soon will be ready to adoption too, hoping for a happy ending for her as well.

Anyway, I hope you all have been well and are enjoying your Easter Day. Have a wonderful week.

See you next time.


4 thoughts on “March Review

    • Hi Mary, thanks. I’ve actually had to postpone the singing lessons for now. I really want to get the art sites out of the way first, otherwise, not only would I never finish them, but I’ll be so stressed out knowing that I still need to get them done I won’t concentrate properly with the lessons. Anyway, I was hoping to finish updating my sites this past week, but it turns out that allergies hit, and it was difficult to get much done for the past 4 days, good news is that I still got enough done to be able to finish up this coming week. Then I can get to the lessons and other things. Can’t wait. 😀


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