Today’s This And That

Exciting news (for me anyway), I have finally reached 100 followers on my blog. Yay!! Many thanks to all my followers and to those who have liked and commented on my blog posts, its greatly appreciated.

It was a beautiful day today, it felt so much like summer already, well summer to probably Alaska. It was a nice day though, sunny and breezy, temperature in the 80’s I just wish that all summer was like that not just winter and early spring. Anyway the cold should be coming in again tomorrow night, so I shall enjoy the weather as much as possible. Hopefully tomorrow will be just as nice as today so I can do a bit of yard photography.

This evening I saw something I had never seen before, a bat catching an insect. I know, nothing special, but I thought it was interesting. For me, one of the most fascinating things to see in the evening is bats flying around the house and trees looking for insects. I spotted 3 this evening two larger and one smaller one. The best time to watch them is at twilight, right before it gets dark, that way you can still see their silhouette against the evening sky. That’s what I was doing when I saw one of the larger bats suddenly do a dive to catch a moth fluttering by about 15 feet away. I could just hear the crunch when it ate it…..sorry, I know, it’s gross, but it was just so cool to watch. Another cool thing is when they fly passed your head less than a foot away, that’s what the smaller one did today, I could just hear the swoosh as it past right by my ear. Needless to say, they often times make me uneasy flying around me like that, but when they pass so close, it’s really an awesome thing. They are a fun to watch, I may just have to make it a regular pastime as long as the weather is nice. I know I could never get a photo of them flying, they are just to fast for me, but things are always more interesting to learn about when you watch them in person. Lots of things to learn watching things happily enjoying their natural habitat, even if I can’t get a photo of them.

Anyway, I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.

Till next time…..


2 thoughts on “Today’s This And That

    • LOL! Sure thing, never have had a problem with them though. I will admit that they make me uneasy flying low, I have this fear that they are going to come smacking me in the face. Not sure where I got that notion, but it must be something that has followed me from childhood. lol


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