A Lovely Day Today

It was such a beautiful day outside, so I headed on out to spend some time outdoors. This time without my camera, which I never do cause I always feel like I might miss something then regret it, but it can get heavy and tiresome carrying it around all the time. Sometimes, I just need to enjoy the day as it is, something I need to practice more.

I spent about an hour outdoors just walking around a bit then I sat on a dirt hill for a while with my dogs, then some more time on the porch steps where the cats thought they should smother me for pets and attention. It’s a good thing only two of them like attention, otherwise, I’d be swarmed. I have enough with those two already, since one literally likes to climb me, like if I enjoy its claws sinking into my skin. Anyway, I enjoyed my time out there, but had to go back inside for my afternoon nap…..most important time of the day. tee hee

On a side note, I really need to make more seating areas out there to just sit around reading a book, or for  just plain enjoying the day. There just isn’t any nice comfortable places to sit and relax.

I also need to get my hammock fixed, it kinda fell on me last time I laid on it. It happened so fast, that I couldn’t even react, I was on the ground in less than a second. It was one of those times when you think, “What in the world am I doing down here?”. I guess I weigh a little too much. tee hee. In my defense though, it’s been hanging there for about 10 years, so the rope was sunburnt and stuff, and slowly frayed apart after all these years till it couldn’t take it anymore. Anyway, good thing it was only a foot from the ground so it didn’t hurt too bad, so much for laying out there that day. I had two dogs on my lap also so maybe that added to the weight…yeah, that was it. One of them ran off when I fell, the other just stayed sitting on my lap while I lay on the ground wondering what had just happened. Some help he was, didn’t care where I was as long as he was comfortable.

Well that is all for today.

I hope you all have a wonderful week.

Till another time……


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