Goings And Comings

Things have been mighty busy the past month, I thought I’d finally have a small break from art and stuff, but I decided to host my first art giveaway on my Facebook page with paintings done especially for it. So that meant I had to paint them. I got 4 done and 2 half done, till I finally settled on 3 of them to use. By the way, I got a few more “likes” cause of it and the winner Rose M. Goetz happens to be someone who has been my best art supporter the past few years so that went so well. I’m glad someone who likes and values my work won, I know my painting will be cared for and cherished.

Apart from that, I got a bit of organizing done with my paintings, and a bit of relaxing photography here and there.

I didn’t do much crocheting this past month, I needed a bit of a break so I started doing a bit of reading during my crochet time. I’ve gotten 4 books down now from the Laura Ingalls Wilder book series. It’s a really relaxing read and I just love hearing of how they would live and do things back then.

All in all, the month passed way to fast for me. Can’t believe it’s already February. I haven’t really got much planned to do for this month, other than finish organizing my paintings and updating my website with all my new painting from the past few months.

Oh, and I’ll be hosting another giveaway in my Facebook Page this month so got to get that started. I already have the paintings ready so I don’t have to worry about that part.

I also see my room needs a bit of cleaning so will get to work on the today.

On a side note, I feel like eating banana bread so hopefully I’ll get the urge to make some this week, will post if I do.

So, since I have already added so many “so’s” in my post, I will now conclude with ……so, I hope you all have been well, and may you have a wonderful week.

Catch ya later….


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