Canterbury Road

This painting is of a beautiful road through the mountains in the South Island of New Zealand. It is my 3rd charity painting, and was done as a 10 minute painting. I really like the outcome of this one. Acrylic on 5 x 7 canvas.

Photo reference by Photographer Lorna Allan.

This painting is available for purchase, with 100% of the selling price going to a charity of my choice. Price is $50. Includes shipping and tax. If interested click here.

Canterbury Road. 10 minute charity painting.

“Canterbury Road” 10 minute charity painting.

Now to post the last set of paintings for my challenge.

Be right back….


6 thoughts on “Canterbury Road

    • Hello. Thanks so much. Not necessarily, although I do work on them at times when I want to take a break from other larger paintings. Especially when the paintings are taking too long to finish and I feel I’m not getting anywhere. Seeing a few 10 minute paintings done makes me feel better, and it doesn’t feel like I’m wasting so much time on the larger pieces. It helps with my sanity. lol

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