52-Week Money Challenge With Cody

I’m sure many of you have seen or heard of that 52-week money challenge where you put aside money each week throughout the year according to what week it is. For example, first week you put aside $1, second week $2, so on so forth till you get to the 52nd week and put aside $52. At the end of the year you have a total of $1,378 saved.

52 Week Money Challenge Chart.

52 Week Money Challenge Chart.

Well, I’m thinking of doing that challenge this year, just because it sounds like a good challenge. The first weeks will be easy, it’s the last half-year that’s going to be a little harder as the money saved starts increasing to larger and larger amounts. I still haven’t decided what I’m going to do with all that money at the end of the year, but one can never have too much money saved.

I already practice saving all the dollar bills and coins I get as change, I have quite a bit saved over the years already. That is unspendable money though, I have a rule that any dollars and coins saved cannot be spent, if for any reason I must use some, I must replace it back. That money is for emergency purposes only. Being that dollar bills and coins can be bulky and heavy I find it cumbersome to carry them around with me so makes it easier to put them away and not spend them. I honestly have no idea on how much I have saved of either bills or coins, but I know it’s several hundreds for each.

Anyway, I see most people using jars to put their money in, but here I shall introduce you to Cody, my cute, little, monkey friend that I’ve had for many months now. He’s been guarding and saving my coins over the past year, now this year, he shall be taking care and keeping track of my bills. I already have the chart ready and set and shall be placed beside him on my desk. Being that we are on the second week this month, he is now carrying a whole 3 dollars. He’s been a good, monkey, money friend so I trust him with this years savings, although that smirk of his really makes me wonder sometimes about what he could be thinking of, I’m sure nothing good cause when I have that look I’m never thinking of anything good. tee hee But his actions have never given me cause for concern and the upside is that I can’t see the money or be tempted in spending it……. out of sight, out of mind.

So here’s to wishing much success to anyone who is also giving this challenge a go this year.

Cody With The Challenge Chart, Happily Saving My Money.

Cody With The Challenge Chart, Happily Saving My Money.

Another day another dollar……laterz…..


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