New Year Resolution For 2015 (elaborated)

Sorry this is a bit long, if you’d like to read a shortened version of my new year resolutions click on this blog post here.

If not, read on.

I must say, I have started off this year with a sore throat and I’m flat broke, not sure if that’s a good way to start the year. Is it like a sign of how this year is going to be? I sure hope not. But I’ve never been good at listening to the signs, so blah to that. At least I’m alive, that’s a good thing right? Well maybe not for some. tee hee. Anyway, here’s to hoping this bad streak doesn’t continue.

First off, I know many people could care less about resolutions and making them, but I for one like to make them. They are just goals I wish to accomplish during that year, I don’t always get to them, or get them done, but I like to have a plan on what I need, or want to try getting done that year. I’d like to state that I didn’t quite get all of last years resolutions done. Out of the 10 that I did, I only got 4 done, that’s alright, I’ll just try again this year.

Okay, here we go…..

1. I want to spend this year working to improve my art as much as I can, so I won’t be painting excessively as I’ve done the past couple of years. I will be taking my time learning different techniques and working on my problem spots and subjects.

2. I want to really specifically learn colors and color mixing, something I struggle with.

3. Light, I want to work on painting with great emphasis on light. I love those kinds of paintings.

4. Still-life, I have a deep love for still-life paintings. And being that they are the ones I’m usually most satisfied with, I will be working on creating my own still-life setups, and painting a lot more still-life paintings. Of all subjects, with both brush and palette knife. I’m really excited about that, I’ve bought so many little objects for still-life scenes I’ve been wanting to use for in my paintings, and I know I’ll be added more as soon as I get the chance. So yeah, I need to work on setups for sure.

5. Also, I want to learn to get more impressionistic with using brushes, I do okay with a knife, but have very much trouble with brushes, so that’s another thing I want to work on this year.

6. I want to start participating more in online art contest from around the US, so I will be working hard in creating art that I feel is good enough to enter. That should be fun and interesting.

7. I also want to get a few art prints done of a few paintings, and a few of my photos. Maybe even get some other accessories with my art printed on to make available for anyone interested.

8. Drawing, yes, here it appears again for the 3rd year in a row. Embarrassed?…. nah, me don’ts gets embarrassed, well maybe a little, but this year, yes, I shall really try to get that one done.

9. This year for sure I shall get more sewing done, I already have projects and patterns in mind, oh, and I have lots of fabric too.

10. Although last year I started eating about 80% of my foods organic, I hope to get to eating at least 95% organically…… once more and more things start coming out organic that is. tee hee I know I can never get to 100%, there is way to many extremely yummy foods I like to eat, that are unfortunately not organic. But I will try to reserve those foods for special occasions and the like.

11. Spend more time outside, yup, I definitely need to spend more time outdoors enjoying nature and stuff.

12. Charity work, that is very important to me, I have to do a lot more and as much as I can. Be it through, sewing, crocheting and painting for now.

13. I’d say exercise more, but yeah, we all know that most likely is not going to happen, so I shall just spend more time walking around outside taking photos, now that I can do. That will be my exercise ….that camera can get mighty heavy. tee hee Actually, I want to spend more time with my camera cause I want to improve my photography skills. So many things to learn still.

14. Learn to play and instrument, that is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, now I definitely shall at least attempt it. I bought a ukulele last year that I want to learn to play for starters so I shall start with that.

15. Singing, yeah, been dying to learn to sing, even though it is kinda fun annoying everyone to death with my awful out of tune singing. But that is one of the things I really wish I had been gifted with. There are some singing learning dvds I want to get that teach the basics to be able to sing better. We shall see if they actually work, if they can help me sing, they can help anyone. tee hee.

16. I actually want to try buying more and more hand-made items, and not so much from larger companies. There are so many people out there that work so hard to make a living and get tossed aside by customers looking for cheaper deals from larger companies that go over seas where the workers are mistreated just so that we can get cheaper products. Sad that these kinds of thing goes on. I will do my best not to be anything made in China, or from any other country that doesn’t treat its citizens decently. So for this resolution, I shall do my best to buy from small businesses, handmade goods, or local products…. even if it costs a bit more. We all must learn to help each other.

17. Try not to get so upset over petty little things, so not worth it. Think more about others instead.

18. Smile and Laugh more. We all need a little bit more of that.

19.Spend less time online looking and reading pointless things, instead spend that time conversing with friends. It just annoys me ever so much anyway, I’d rather chat with friends, I have neglected that recently.

20. Read more books, yeah, some are going to laugh at that one and continue to bring it up till I do. Not that I don’t like to read, which I do, I just never make any time for it, or get distracted before I really get into the story, hence I never finish them.

21. Save more money and spend less on things I don’t really need, I have a bad habit on that. It’s not excessive spending, but $5 here and $5 there adds up. There are so many better uses that money can be spent on.

22. Enjoy life as it is. Yes, there is so much to complain about, yet there is usually so much more to be thankful for.

I think that pretty much sums up what I hope to accomplish this year, if I think of anything else, I’ll add it as it comes to me.

Yes, these are quite a lot of resolutions this year, but I’m hopeful that I’ll get most done if I’m permitted.

Wishing you all the best year yet. Happy New Year!!

Till another time….


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