My Accomplishments For The Year 2014.

In this post, I will be celebrating the many accomplishments I was able to get done last year 2014.

There were many things I wanted to get done that I wasn’t able to for one reason or another, but being as this is about my accomplishments, I will wait to talk about those in another post. I was able to get a few accomplishments done though, of which I am a bit proud of .

First off, I painted approximately 135 paintings in 2014. Wowie, I think I passed the amount I did the year before. It’s no wonder my year just flew on by for me.

I was also successful in completing a 30 paintings on 30 days challenge I decided to work on in November. At the end, I had 30 new winter paintings to add to my already large collection of art pieces.

Another thing I am really glad to have been able to do, that I have been wanting to get done for quite some time, I was finally able to get a website up and make my art available for purchase. Yay me! Although it was a bit stressful figuring it all out, from creating a website to understanding the business side of things, I’m so grateful to have taken that step to what I hope will be a successful art career for me.

Last year, I also started an art Facebook page, this blog to talk about my daily life, and I was also able to add my artwork to another website which makes them easier to be purchased.

I was also able to start my charity paintings, I got 12 done so far, and will add more to the collection as time goes by, they will be available for purchase on my websites soon.

I started crocheting hats and scarfs which I shall be donating to good causes.

2014 brought many new experiences for me, I met many new people, I learned a lot, and overall, it was a good year and I’m grateful for it.

Looking forward to what 2015 will bring.



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