A Look Back At Last Years Resolutions

As I look back at last years resolutions I noticed there were a lot of things I didn’t get around to do that I had hoped to.

Last years resolutions in short form were.

1. Creating a website, Facebook Art page, ect.

2. Make my art available for purchase.

3. Learning to draw.

4. Try soap making.

5. Try candle making.

6. Sew more.

7. Crochet more.

8. Eat healthier.

9. Exercise more.

10. Learn to play an instrument.

Of these 10 resolutions, I created a website, Facebook page, Daily Paintworks page, and a personal blog. I also made my art available for purchase.

I didn’t learn to draw much to my great disappointment. Funny thing about that resolution is that I had carried it on over to be my 2014 resolution after I didn’t get it done for my 2013 resolution, not a good thing is it? Maybe this year I’ll be able to succeed in getting at least that one done.

I didn’t try soap making or candle making unfortunately. I need more space for those projects, I’ll have to wait on those.

Sewing, yeah, didn’t get any sewing done either, seems like all I did was paint, paint, paint.

I did get a bit of crocheting done, a very relaxing hobby for sure.

I started eating a bit healthier at least, I am eating about 80% organic food now, hoping to make it to 95% this next year.

Exercising, yeah, that didn’t take place, that one is just a failure waiting to happen. I’m sure I wasn’t alone in failing that one. tee hee

Well out of these 10, I got 4 done, that counts as something doesn’t it? Let’s hope I do better with this years resolutions which I shall post later.

I will be back…..

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