Undercover Truck

Today was not only a beautiful day, it was a productive one regarding my art. I completed 3 paintings today and sketched out my fourth. If I keep this up, hopefully I’ll be caught up within the next couple of days.Time seems to be flying this month.

This was originally an old, abandoned, and rusty truck covered in snow. I thought it needed a bit more color, so naturally I chose to paint it red. tee hee

This was painted with a palette knife except for the tree branches which I used a brush for those. This is my 16th winter painting, painted on a 6 x 9 canvas.

Photo reference by Photographer Trish Acres from PMP.

Completed Painting of Undercover Truck.

Completed Painting of Undercover Truck.

Next painting is going to be of a little “something” that eats nuts, among other things.

Till tomorrow…..


5 thoughts on “Undercover Truck

  1. Lovely Gloria – nice cold feeling to the piece. You got those snow colors down, they are looking great. I’ll be working on the questions to send you for my blog article – hope to send them next week.

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  2. Ooh I love this one Gloria! I really like palette knife painting too, except for the amount of paint it takes. The textures you achieved are fabulous! Looks like one could reach out and make a snowball with the snow!


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