Nutty Squirrel

I love squirrels, they are super cute. They don’t live around here where I do though, wouldn’t mind some. I’ve heard they can be quite destructive so not sure if it would be a good thing. The rats, opossums and raccoons do enough damage already, but is would be nice to see one or two, or more, just so I can take a few photos of them.

I gave this squirrel a few nuts to munch on while it waits for the snow to melt. I couldn’t let if go hungry.

This is my 17th winter scene painting, done with acrylics on 5 x 7 canvas.

Photo reference by Photographer Janet Elliot Horton from PMP.

Complete Painting of "Nutty Squirrel".

Complete Painting of “Nutty Squirrel”.

Now to work on my next painting, another small one.

Will post tomorrow….


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