Rainier Road

Nine paintings down this month, twenty one to go. yay…..sorta……not. Anyway, glad I got another one completed, and should get another one done by the end of the day.

This one was done on a 6 x 9 canvas, I’ve never painted on this size before. I bought these a few months ago, just to try them out and I kinda like them, it gives the painting a bit more of a longer landscape look to it. I did have to change to a smaller palette knife to make it easier, since the smallest I’ve ever done a palette knife painting on is an 8 x 10, slightly bigger, but it makes a difference.

I’m enjoying painting the sky all kinds of colors instead of just blue, in this one I went for purple, pink and a bit of orange. This mountain is actually Mt Rainier located in the Mt Rainier National Park in Washington. I will admit though, that this road really doesn’t exist, I added that to add a bit of depth to the painting, and to make it more inviting.

Changing compositions without using a second reference photo isn’t really my specialty, but I’m working on it. I’m satisfied with the way this painting turned out, and the addition of the road, fence, and snow.

Photo reference for the background, by Photographer Clare from PMP. Acrylic using a palette knife on 6 x 9 canvas.

Completed "Rainier Road" Painting.

Completed “Rainier Road” Painting.

See you again tomorrow with a brand new painting…..


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