The Netherwoods Painting

After a very long day of shopping yesterday, I got home and worked on a couple of paintings. They were suppose to be 10 minute paintings, but I was so tired, my mind couldn’t really focus so I ended up doing a couple of loose, snow scenes.

This one took me about 25 minutes and was done using acrylic on 5 x 7 canvas.

Something about the pathway between these three large trees really drew me to the lovely reference photo I used by Photographer Angeline Rijkeboer from PMP.

I tried to keep it loose and simple, which made it an enjoyable little painting to work on.

This is my 6th winter scene painting, I’ll post the 7th later today.

Completed painting of "The Netherwoods"

Completed painting of “The Netherwoods”

P.S. I bought a ton of fabric yesterday that I plan on using for lots of different things, a few girl dresses, baby blakets, and little stuffed animals is what I have planned to make so far. Hancock Fabrics was having a fabulous sale with up to 70 % off each fabric item so I couldn’t pass up on such a great deal. I also bought quite a bit of yarn to work with. I’ll be posting my projects in future posts.


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