Sulphur Spring Road

Here is my 7th winter scene painting for the month. I have really been drawn to trees and snow recently, not sure what it is, maybe the colors, light, shadows, or all of the above.

I really tried to capture light and shadow in this painting. A sunlit, snow scene is just so beautiful in my opinion. This painting took about 40 minutes, ran to a bit of problems with a few things, but I think it turned out nicely.

Photo reference by Photographer Patricia B. from PMP.

Completed Painting of "Sulphur Spring Road"

Completed Painting of “Sulphur Spring Road”

I have no idea what my next painting will be, what I will be using to paint it, or what size canvas. I am still trying to decide what to paint next. I’m thinking squirrels, or maybe an owl, or maybe something else entirely.

We shall see….


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