“Winter Life In Ontario” Painting

I have now completed my first painting for my 30 paintings in 30 days challenge. I’m calling it “Winter Life in Ontario” which is really where this scene actually exists.

There is just something about red barns and snow that really appeals to me, so I decided that this would be a perfect scene to start the month with.

Although the paint had peeled off the barns in the original reference photo I used, I couldn’t resist bringing them back to life with a nice coat of red. I mean, who doesn’t like red barns? They are just so lovely and beautiful sitting there in the field, no matter what time of year it is.

Okay, I actually am a huge lover of barns, whether they are red or not, old or new, I just love them, always have.

So in answer to the question that just ran through your mind….. yes, there will be more winter barn scenes before the month is out. Hey, I can’t resist, the photos are calling out to me to paint them, I surely can’t let them down.

I did some progress shots for those who may be interested in how I go about completing my paintings.

Supplies used: a 11 x 14 canvas, palette knife, Liquitex flexible modeling paste, and acrylic paint.

First off, I draw in the sketch, in this case it was an easy scene so I sketched it in free-handed.

Sketch of "Winter Life In Ontario" painting

Sketch for “Winter Life In Ontario” painting

Next, using a palette knife, I painted in the top part of the scene, including the sky, background trees and barns. Completing these steps in about two hours.

Halfway done with "Winter Life In Ontario" Painting.

Halfway done with “Winter Life In Ontario” Painting.

Took a break for lunch, then I finished off the foreground snow and fence, adding the finishing touches to the over all painting, and fixing anything I didn’t like. Completing the whole winter scene in about 3 hours. It was an easier one so didn’t take long to get done.

I’d like to thank Photographer Stephanie from Paint My Photo, for letting me paint her photo of this scene.

I can’t say enough how much I like working with a palette knife, it is so fun and free. I will say though that it uses up a LOT of paint, which is why palette knife paintings are slightly more expensive than regular brush paintings. They can use up to 5 times more paint (sometimes even more) than a regular painting the same size.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed seeing this painting come together. Time to start working on my next painting for this challenge. I’ll be posting the completed painting tomorrow so see you then.

Completed painting of "Winter Life In Ontario".

Completed painting of “Winter Life In Ontario”.


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