Creating Emily

Today I worked a bit on Emily, she is to be the twin sister of Sally, a doll I completed a few weeks ago.

Introducing Sally, Emily's twin sister.

Introducing Sally, Emily’s twin sister.

I thought she needed someone her own age to play with, so I started working on Emily last Sunday, getting the head and a foot done. Today I completed the other foot, both arms and now working on her body. I’m hoping to complete her next Sunday, or at least most of her. Her hair is what takes me the longest, either that, or I’m just slow at crocheting.

This is Emily in the making.

This is Emily in the making.

I admire those who crochet for a living and make some money off their amigurumi creations. I don’t have the patience to work on them daily, crocheting is just a hobby for me.

I’ve only done a few amigurumi stuffed toys, a frog and a cat that I completed about 5 years ago, and Emily will be my 3rd doll.

I’m still learning the ropes on crocheting dolls, I need a lot to learn but I’m getting there…..sorta.

I’ve been using this free pattern for the dolls, just changing a few things on them as I go along. Emily will be slightly different from Sally in her dress department, I don’t want them identical, but they will look very much alike over all.

Sally patiently waiting for her sister to be completed.

Sally patiently waiting for her sister to be completed.

Tomorrow I will begin my 30 paintings in 30 days challenge, hopefully completing at least 2 paintings since I’m behind two days. So see you all tomorrow when, for sure, I will be posting one completed winter painting. A bit excited to start in what I hope will be a fun month full of painting goodness.


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