A New Beginning

Today is a new beginning for me, first off, apart from starting this blog, I have ventured into the world of selling artwork.

After weeks of research on how to build a website and all the little things that come with shipping and the like, I have finally completed my new artist website and am now able to sell many of the pieces I’ve created in the past few years.

Saying I’m excited is a huge understatment…….I’m thrilled….no, ecstatic, yeah… ECSTATIC!!!! I’ve been waiting for this day for a few years now, but wasn’t ready until recently, to jump into selling my art. I have finally come to terms with the idea of parting with my artwork, it wasn’t easy, and even now, I have so many I’m not ready to sell just yet, maybe some day…..or maybe not.

Anyway, I have over 70 paintings available at the moment, ranging from $55 to $250. I still need to look into getting some prints done of a few paintings and maybe even some of my photography.

New and exciting things to come in my art world and my blog, from paintings, photos, crafts, cooking, baking, crocheting, sewing, and much more. I hope you enjoy reading about it in the weeks to come.

Today is the beginning of a great new adventure, like a balloon when it breaks free and floats away to an unknown place, or when a butterfly flutters it’s wings after leaving the safety of its cocoon, or when a bird starts on its long journey south for winter migration…today is that day for me, today I fly.

Some of what I will be posting about in the months to come.

Some of what I will be posting about in the months to come.


4 thoughts on “A New Beginning

  1. Congratulations on your new beginning, Gloria. I wish you much luck on your future endeavors and I hope you sell great gobs of your paintings. ;-).


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